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Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. pond digging and filling

Building a Pond or Dugout

Ponds and dugouts can be built for many reasons. Our clients all have different goals, and working with such a variety of options keeps us on our toes! Active locally for many years, when it comes to excavation we can do it all—from design, to pond construction. Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. is invested in the work we do. Therefore, we are fully licensed and bonded, and keep ourselves updated on all the latest in the excavation industry. From techniques to tools to trends, if it's out there, we know about it and will use it to provide even better service to our clients!

Excavation for Any Pond or Dugout

How many different kinds of ponds are there? As many as the imagination can come up with. Shallow or deep, dirt bottom , minimal or wild—just like our clients—their ponds are unique to their personal style.

  • - Fish ponds
  • - Natural/wildlife ponds
  • - Swimming ponds
  • -drinking water Dugouts and pump setups
  • -Aeration systems
  • -Filtration systems