Medicine Hat Demolition

At Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. Ltd. we know everything it takes to excavate a property and prepare it for a wide range of construction. But we also know how to bring those buildings right back down to their foundation. Whether you’re looking to simply start fresh with a property or need site demolition for safety reasons, we’re available to take on the job.

We believe in offering our Medicine Hat clients—residential or commercial—the best in construction demolition. This means maintaining an educated and interested team with a strong attention for detail.

As demolition contractors, we don’t just swing sledgehammers at walls, we practice safe and controlled demolition for a clean and professional job.

Methods of Demolition

As a full-service demolition company, we offer large-scale controlled demolitions, careful selective demolitions, commercial and residential demolitions, as well as the abatement of hazardous waste. All of these practices can be employed in an emergency as well.

When a natural disaster or otherwise occurs in Medicine Hat it is necessary to deal with affected buildings sooner rather than later.

Demolition by Hand

Perfect for small residential jobs, the Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. Ltd. team will show up at your home with sledgehammers and other hand-held tools, with the occasional help of scaffolding and debris chutes.

Wrecking Ball

Demolition via wrecking ball is a skilled practice that we employ for the majority of Medicine Hat structures we’re faced with. Due to its dangerous nature we take extra precautions at the time of use and ensure that our clients and the public are not on the premise when swinging occurs.

Demolition Excavators

For controlled demolition of high structures, a high-reach excavator can be used to begin a tear-down from the top down. Our operators work to stay within a set radius at all times and plan for the management of falling debris.

Demolition, Free of Danger

The number one thing you want to be able to say at the end of a complete demolition is that there were no injuries or mistaken tear-downs. At Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. Ltd., we take all the right precautions to ensure that this is never a concern.

By bracing walls, and inspecting personal equipment before use, we can start a job properly. We arrive on ever job wearing the appropriate gear and work with lights to illuminate hallways and stars as we work.

Utility lines are always shut off in the case of a full building demolition, and extra attention is paid to doorways, walls and floors.

Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, every member of our team is strongly educated and experienced to provide our Medicine Hat clients with the safest demolition practices.

Let’s Take a Swing

Whether you need walls torn out, or to demolish a larger commercial building, Vanderhaar Construction Ltd. Ltd. has the skilled employees to get it done right.

The advantage of hiring professional demo contractors is clear. A dangerous industry, we work hard to keep up on all the latest information and technology, as well as basic knowledge of the tools we use on a daily basis.

Through this dedication, we can offer you the best every time.